Request a custom designed stained glass
piece! From mermaids, family names, a favorite photo,
or a blank window space, anything can become a
work of luminous art!

About The Designer

True North Stained Glass Designs is the culmination of a dream for its designer, Mary Brophy. From the time she was a child, Mary loved creating things…drawing, painting, putting odds and ends together to make art. When it came time for college, she ended up in the health care field because it seemed the logical choice. But her right-brain didn’t go quietly, and what came around the corner next was what turned out to be her “True North”.

By happenstance, she came upon a friend in the midst of creating a beautiful piece of stained glass, and she was intrigued….after that friend taught her the basics of the centuries-old craft, she was hooked. That was 1978, just the beginning of a love affair with glass. Mary has taken several classes from master stained glass craftsmen, and honed her skills to create unique works of luminous art. “I am entranced by the colors and textures of this medium, and how versatile it can be in different forms of light, or even in the absence of it…my imagination runs wild with the possibilities of what I can make!" And this is the creativity and sense of adventure that she brings to her art, and to her clients when collaborating on custom designs.

“Create what sets your heart on fire and it will illuminate the path ahead.” — Unknown

News & Events

Celtic Knot Compass

imageHere is my newest project!  This is a Celtic Knot Compass, 31″ in diameter, made of opaque and opalescent glass, and fabricated with lead came method.  More photos to follow upon installation into round window on the front of the designer’s home!

True North Stained Glass Designs