Knowing my True North gives me the courage to focus my energy where I believe it should be, not according to what is popular or pleasing to others.” — Jennifer Cummings

Mary’s art is what fills her up, feeds her soul, turns on all the lights! (you get the gist) With that said, naming her business “True North Stained Glass Designs” was a natural choice. Her work reflects her spirit and she designs every piece of glass from her heart, lovingly crafting an image as close as possible to what she imagined it could be at the start of the project.

Mary begins each piece of her art inspired by an idea of her own or if commissioned for a custom design, through collaboration with her client. Each piece begins with a unique, hand-sketched design, keeping in mind where the finished product will be displayed and how to best utilize the colors and textures of the glass specifically chosen for each piece. She can take an image or photo and re-create it into an illuminated piece of stained glass art, bursting with beautiful color. A piece of stained glass can also be attached to a piece of furniture, or be inserted into a window space in a home. The possibilities are endless!

Custom Design Process

Creating each piece of stained glass involves a multi-step process….making a pattern from the initial sketch, cutting each piece of glass from its corresponding pattern piece, and then using either the Tiffany method of wrapping copper foil around each individual piece of glass or using the centuries-old method of encasing each cut piece of glass in metal….and finally, soldering all the pieces together into the completed work of art.

Custom Design Process: The first step in the Custom Design process is a meeting to collaborate with each client via phone, email, facetime or in person if within a 50 mile radius from Harwich, Massachusetts. During this meeting, the design idea will be discussed and Mary will commence creating a sketch for her client to review, make any necessary adjustments to the design, and finalize the project.

Upon a committed request for a custom stained glass piece, a 50% deposit is expected, with remaining 50% payment expected upon completion. Generally, allow 6 weeks for completion and delivery for each custom order; time frames and dates are dependent on the size of the project, and will be finalized per order.

Contact Info

1 Breezy Way, Harwich, MA 02645

"Mary didn't just create a work of art, she created a family heirloom. The craftsmanship and attention to detail is 5-star quality, unlike any other I have seen. The willingness of Mary to listen to my needs, and direct them artistically, made the entire experience a joy!"
— Jessamy S.

"I needed a special 30th birthday gift for my oldest son. Being a photographer, I gave Mary a meaningful photo taken on a day of sailing, and she created a perfectly artistic rendition of that moment. Mary is a true artist that embraces a project with energy and talent. The finished product is truly amazing."
— Susan C.

True North Stained Glass Designs